Lodha World One Construction Update 2017 – World’s Next Tallest Residential Building

Lodha World One Construction Update 2017 : World One is a supertall residential skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, India . The site also comprises two other skyscraper—World View and World Crest. The construction for World View Tower has begun and will be completed in 2018 . Tower is planned to have 80 floors and will be more than 300m high , Third tower The World Crest is a 57 floor residential tower with a height of 222.5 meters. Construction of the tower began in 2011, and completed in 2016.

Renders Of The  World  Tower

Lodha World One Construction Update


Lodha World One Construction Update 2017

Lodha World One Construction Update :-  Construction of the tallest building in the India ‘lodha world one tower’, began in 2011 , and is expected to be completed in 2018. As of Aprail , 2017, the tower stands 300 tall and 77 floors high!  the tower is on hold due to some Issue with International Aviation (Chicago) approvals , and tower will be resumed again when ever developer got all approvals from authorities . But Interior and cladding Work is continuously going on .

Lodha World One Construction Images

Lodha World One Construction Update 2017 Lodha World One Construction Update 2017Lodha World One Construction Update 2017

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World One is being built at an estimated cost of over US$321 million. Once complete, world one will stand 442m tall and 117 floor high and it will be the tallest building in India, and the second tallest residential tower in the world . The interiors of the world one tower will be designed by Giorgio Armani, and it includes a swimming pool, gym and health club, cricket pitches and a pavilion. The 117 storey tower contains 290 apartments, some of which overlook the Arabian Sea. World One is the tallest of three residential buildings at Lodha Place – a self contained destination especially created for its privileged residents, at Upper Worli , the new, urbane epicenter of Mumbai, strategically located between South Mumbai and the suburbs. The 442-metre high residential tower has been built by Mumbai based developer “lodha group” at a cost of more than US$321 million and will have more than 300 luxury apartments designed by Giorgio Armani .

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