Top 5 Best Places in Russia for Shopping

Top 5 Best Places in Russia for Shopping : Russia is a beautiful and fascinating country with many tourist attractions. It also has Huge shopping centres , malls and market which will definitely excite you when you to go for shopping. It has so many good places for shopping , even on the smallest roads and streets, you can find a place that gives you the opportunity to buy either a small souvenir to remind you forever of your shopping experience in russia, and the good thing is shopping in russia is not even that expensive . So in the following article we will be listing down Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping .

Top 5 Best Places in Russia for Shopping

1. Gum

Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping

GUM is a huge three story department store that is spread in 242 meters along the eastern side of Red Square in moscow. This place houses Russia’s most famous shopping mall – the State Department Store. This building will remind you 19th century architectural style of Soviet era. Here you will find around 200 shops that sell many items of local and international brands and designer. Here you can also go to cinema for movies and restaurants and cafes for having some delicious Russian cuisines. It is also known as consumer Mecca for visitors in russia. It has a beautiful glass roof and steel framework.

Address: – Red Square, 3, Moskva, Russia, 101000

2. Udelnaya

Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping

Udelnaya known as the biggest flea market is situated in the north of Saint Petersburg. It is the most famous market in Russia. Visitors and citizens from all over St Petersburg arrive here to buy goods for daily use. Here You can purchase silverware, imperial porcelain, rugs, uniforms, phonograph records, books, clothes,jewelry, handbags, some accessories, shoes, some old furniture and variety of other obscure items. This is a famous place for buy things that remained from the Second World War.

Address:- Skobelevskiy prospekt Udelnaya rain station Saint Petersburg.

3. Passage

Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping

Passage is an department store in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which was founded in 1848. This historical shopping arcade is impressive and It has a 180-metre long glass roof. On the second floor you will find cafe with a nice view. Here You can buy clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, fur bags, footwear, perfumes, watches, bags, gift shops, sweet shops, and many more shops. It is One of the first upscale food markets in Russia, it has a variety of international store, opened in the basement. New restaurant opened on the upper level with the panoramic view of the Nevsky Prospect. There you can also go restaurants and cafes.

Address: – Nevsky avenue, Sankt-Peterburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, 191186

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4. Metropolis Shopping Center

Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping
Metropolis Shopping Center

Metropolis Shopping Center is spread in an area of 60,000 acres. This western style mall was opened in 2009 to beat all other malls that are dotted around across Moscow. There are more than 200 shops under one roof where you can go and buy electronic stuff, clothes, accessories, footwear, great makeup items, bags, shoes and many others. It’s filled with high street brands, a massive supermarket, pool hall and cinema on the top floor and, best of all, it is right next to the metro. It is also has Other basic services like ATM, car parking,restaurants, cafes, repair shops, salon and others.

Address: – Leningradskoye Hwy, 16А, стр. 4, Moskva, Russia, 125171

5. Nautilus shopping center

Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping
Nautilus shopping center

Nautilus shopping center is located right in the heart of Moscow. It was opened in 1998 on the corner of the Nikolskaya Street. It is spread in an area of 6,000 square meters. This place is one of the Top 5 best places in Russia for shopping . Nautilus shopping center has more than 40 shops and boutiques of some of the top international brands that sell goods like , shoes, clothes, fur, accessories, jewellery and much more can be found here. There are Two top class restaurants offering delicious Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. This shopping center which built in the shape of a ship will surprise you with its amazing variety of architectural forms.

Open from 11.00am to 10.00pm – 7 days a week

Address: – Nikolskaya St, 25, Moskva, Russia, 109012

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